Winfostar Technology Pvt.Ltd. is another name for opportunity.
The spirit of learn ability among our people and an organizational commitment to continuous personal and professional development keeps Winfostar Technology Pvt.Ltd. at the forefront in a fast-changing industry. Our framework for continuous learning at Winfostar Technology Pvt.Ltd. is built around a number of focused programs for our employees. They complement a host of technology advancement and ongoing training options. The training plan provides a sequence of inputs as individuals grow through their professional career. Commencing with a structured induction at the beginning to leadership trainings while assuming senior responsibilities. Training and development initiatives are available at each milestone and cover the following-

Technical training by Education department:
We have an entry-level technical training program, which is for a duration of 150 Days on Java,Struts2, PHP, Android, C#,.NET, ADO .NET,Ms Sql, AJAX, JavaScript, JQuery,Web Services,Web Part,WCF etc. This program has been equivalent to Certification Program by Winfostar Technology Pvt.Ltd. The Education department of Winfostar offers a variety of training programs on a regular basis for Middle level employees as well.
Quality Process Training:
Winfostar has a strong focus on quality processes and methodologies. This training is tailored to the role that one is playing ie. Software Engineer, Web Developer, Web Designer, Project Managers etc
Personal Effectiveness and Managerial Programs:
Programs to enhance the managerial capabilities and leadership abilities, to enable better customer satisfaction, achieve organizational vision and create high performing multicultural teams.

The most significant attribute of the Winfostar Technology Pvt.Ltd. leadership development model is its partnership approach with the other groups in Winfostar Technology Pvt.Ltd. and the ownership of the entire process by the top management in what is termed as the 'Internal Synergy Model'. The education philosophy at Winfostar Technology Pvt.Ltd. has been to equip the participants with the know-how to find the best solution, rather than to teach 'one way to do it' and also to relate to real life situations We also encourage employees to go in for further part time and distance education programs with fee reimbursement subject to eligibility criteria laid down by the policy.